About Us

Winery Fulfillment Services was established in 2014 by Vickie and Thayne Stone. After a decade of servicing the compliance needs of the wine industry through her business Winery Compliance Services, Vickie expanded the services brought to her clients with the addition of WFS.

WFS assists with order fulfillment and storage to ease the expansion of direct-to-consumer sales for wineries, without the burden of labor intensive packing, supply management, storage space and costly permitting. These services fit into a variety of business sizes, for new wineries to well established brands. Whether you’re a new winery and the idea of obtaining all the DtC permits isn’t feasible, or a large, established brand that has outgrown their space for storage or packing, or your wine club has grown to a size that isn’t feasible to pack in-house. WFS offers storage for wineries producing 50 cases to 50,000 cases and fulfillment for clubs ranging from 25 orders to 8,500 orders.